BSNL Rate Cutter Plan ₹27, Jammu Kashmir - BSNL Recharge Offer

₹ 27

30 days

International SMS @ Rs. 3/SMS - ISD Calls to Bangladesh + Hongkong + Malaysia @ Rs. 2.49/min


₹ 1618 daysISD Calls to Bhutan @ Rs. 0.10/sec
₹ 2130 daysISD Calls to Nepal @ Rs. 8.50/min
₹ 2330 daysInternational SMS @ Rs. 3/SMS - ISD Calls to Bahrain @ Rs. 6.49/min
₹ 2430 daysLocal @ Rs. 0.20/min - STD @ Rs. 0.20/min
₹ 2730 daysInternational SMS @ Rs. 3/SMS - ISD Calls to Bangladesh + Hongkong + Malaysia @ Rs. 2.49/min
₹ 4130 daysInternational SMS @ Rs. 3/SMS - ISD Calls to Canada + China + Singapore + USA @ Rs. 1.49/min
₹ 8830 daysFor Per Minute plan:(a)10paisa/min for On-net voice calls (Local/STD).(b)30paisa/min for Off-netvoicecalls(Local/STD).For Per Second plan:(a)1paisa/3sec for On-net voice calls (Local/STD) (b)2paisa/3 sec for Off-net Voice calls (Local/STD).50% Money back in Main Account from 25.09.2017 to 25.10.2017
₹ 9922 daysUnlimited Voice calls (local/STD) any-net in home LSA and national roaming including Delhi and Mumbai + PRBT.
₹ 107100 days3GB free data to be consumed within 100days + 100 minutes free voice any-net in home LSA and National roaming including Mumbai and Delhi for 100 days + free BSNL Tunes for 60 days.Extension of Plan is through Plan voucher. Applicable for 2G/3G/4G.Pulse rate is 60sec
₹ 12275 daysLocal @ Rs. 0.014/2 sec - Tariff also applicable while roaming on BSNL Network
₹ 13524 days1440 minutes voice calls on-net/off-net (Local/STD/Roaming calls incl. Mumbai and Delhi)
₹ 14730 daysUnlimited Local/STD calls to Any Network while in Home LSA and in National roaming including MTNL network roaming area of New Delhi and Mumbai + 10 GB Data + BSNL tunes
₹ 15924 days22500 Local and STD sec free
₹ 20128 daysUnlimited voice(local/STD)(On-net/Off-net) in Home LSA only + Free 1GB Data/day + Cricket PRBT along with Cricket SMS Alerts + Free PRBT with unlimited song change.
₹ 31975 daysUnlimited free voice calls in home and national roaming including MTNL roaming area of Delhi and Mumbai.
₹ 39571 daysUnlimited Data (2 GB/Day.Speed reduced to 80kbps after 2 GB/day).Free 3000 Minutes On-net Voice (Local/STD) + Free 1800 Minutes Off-net Voice (Local/STD).(Callcharges after free calls 20ps/Min.)

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