BSNL Roaming ₹91, punjab - BSNL Recharge Offer

₹ 91

30 days

120 Roaming Outgoing min free - 40 Outgoing SMS free

BSNL Other Roaming Plans

₹ 346 daysRoaming Outgoing Local @ Rs. 0.70/min - Roaming Outgoing STD @ Rs. 0.70/min
₹ 5730 daysSTV for Activation/extension of pre-paid International roaming
₹ 9130 days120 Roaming Outgoing min free - 40 Outgoing SMS free
₹ 27928 daysInternational Roaming STV for Singapore. Free Data/ Data Charges Rs 0.5/MB.Free Voice/ Voice charges 30 mins of International Roaming calls which include Outgoing local calls. calls back to India and Incoming Calls only. Call back to India(Rs/min) - Rs 10.90/min. Outgoing Local call (Rs/min) - Rs 4.6/min.Outgoing International (Rs/min) - Rs 52.8/min. Incoming call (Rs/min) - Rs 2/min. Outgoing SMS (Rs/SMS) - Rs 2/SMS
₹ 21997 daysRoaming STV for UAE.200min Mobile Oriqinated Call(Local).200min Mobile Originated Call to lndia.120 min Mobile Terminated Call.Data 1000MB
₹ 28757 daysInternational Roaming STV for Mauritus. This pack is valid for roaming into network of M/s MTML in Mauritus. Free Data/ Data Charges - 1GB (after free Data to be charged at Rs.0.65/MB. Free Voice/ Voice charges - 100 Free Mins to India and local outgoing and incoming. 50 Free back to India(Rs/min) - Rs 15.6/min.Outgoing Local call (Rs/min) - Rs 5.2/min.Outgoing International (Rs/min) - Rs 52/min.Incoming call (Rs/min) - Rs 11/min.Outgoing SMS (Rs/SMS) - Rs 3.9/SMS

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